I don't want to request network permission even when my components want them

the title says it clear, is there any way to not ask the network permission from the users?

It’s not possible because if component need the permission to work than it ask you can’t stop it unless you remove the permission manually from apk by apk editors but it lead to stop working your app if it doesn’t get required permissions.

Suggest any good open-source apk editor for my fedora.


I am noob tell me which file should I edit in apk bundle. btw how can I edit in aab bundle also? is it possible coz play store recommends aab

I don’t think that playstore approved your app because it takes a review check where all functionality checks and if your removed permission so app didn’t work

I haven’t removed the network permission and nothing will break coz I am not requiring internet for any of the component just a image and paragraph so it wont break.

It’s a easy software just import apk and open the Android manifest.xml file and seee where’s the permission just removed that line and click on save apk it compile the apk

I don’t even know how the line will look like :slight_smile:

Than as I said before go and learn some basics first. Don’t try if you are not familiar with basics of Android l.
Well it’s look like <uses-permission Android name:permission>

I know kodular very vell I generally play a lot with complex blocks but I don’t know how to code and make applications btw I am in webdevelopment field I know HTML,JS, react.

Refer this guide

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@Balajidev With this tool I can remove kodular about branding also :slight_smile: that’s great, I am just wondering is it legal or not? Can they put some fine on me on doing this?

And even you use internet it should work anyway.
You can also delete both permissions from the Manifest (and there are no issues to open a website).

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE"/>

AI2 generally removed these permissions from the manifest a few months ago:

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In screen1 designer component click on hide titlebar so it automatically hide for you.

If you change it by apk editor so maybe it violate the policy

But then I will have to make another title bar and it will increase size of the app and also make work hard for me.

I have even removed internet permission even and it’s working well.

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@bodymindpower I wonder why kodular itself isn’t giving an option to user to choose for default permissions?

The whole permissions concept in Goggle / Kodular is complicated enough as it is to confuse more people than it already is.

Even the MIT team seems to have problems understanding permissions, as I have pointed out several times in the AI2 forum.

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@Balajidev @bodymindpower I am unable to understand how to edit aab I have edited apk file successfully but now I want to publish it to play store so I need aab, so please tell me how can I edit aab and remove internet permission?