I Have Created Freefire Tournament App Name BG Tournaments

I Have Created A App Please Tell Me The Bugs And Ideas In The App To Improve Myself.

App Link​:link: -
BG Tournaments.apk - Google Drive

Thanks You Kodular Team

Here Are Some Screenshots

That’s awesome!
What u using in back end, for storing user data?

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Firebase Database

Thank you So Much

Your concept is good but you need more improvement on your ui it’s looks like some begginer level developer copy and past what they thought look good.

My motive was not to offend you but you give you some advice.

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Another earning app :rofl::rofl::rofl: @kishore3 be safe now make a backup of your project because it can be banned or removed by kodular :rofl::rofl: @Peter see this another earning app

Why so? Tournament apps are called eSports application. They can’t be said an earning apps even I made it year ago and there is no restrictions for eSports apps in kodular.


Can someone explain the concept of a Freefire Tournament app to me in simple terms?

For me in simple word, app host a match between registered player with a entry fee. And then the amount(gathered by registered players) is distributed to the winner players of the match and players that scored kills in the match. Also, owner takes some commission from it.


Ok but what about building these on Kodular :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: is this ok to build

I think if the app doesn’t use ads as there main income then it’s acceptable.

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Yes ok its my mistake :relaxed: I have not gone deep through this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


What do you mean? Ads are the main source of the revenue in mostly apps. Even Facebook like big companies. If you’re using ad as the main income source of your app then what’s wrong with that? Why it’s not acceptable?

If you want to answer then use PM instead of posting here as it would be off-topic

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I mean as an earning app. If you have developed an ( Earning app ) and you have placed ads on that then it will be removed/ban from your inventory but if you app dose not use ads then it’s acceptable. All I’m saying here earning apps cannot use ads. But if they have sponsor’s were they are getting money from them and they giving some to users then no one has objection on that. But keep in mind kodular and other app inventor are not for earning money rather learning. If you want to earn then you can use android studio and make amazing app even earning app and no one will have any issues on that.

Thank You All For Supporting Me I Have Becomed Thankfull To You​:star_struck::star_struck: Thank You So Much​:star_struck::star_struck:

Thank You So Much :heart_eyes:

Can Someone Help Me In Getting The In-Game Name of Freefire Please​:pray::pleading_face:?

Thank you I will Make UI Design in Soon Thank You