I have created Translator app using Yandex player

Can i publish that app on Playstore

Yes, You can if it doesn’t only translate text.

Or It’s not a Complete Translation App.

Instead Use Google Translate API

Can you read this please this post confuses me.

No you can’t. You can’t make Translator app with Yandex Translate. You can include translator in your apps, but you can’t publish apps which only using Yandex Translate.

For example:

You can do that:
You can use Yandex Translate for your chat app, so when two user messaging each other, messages will translate and two user can understand each other.

You can’t do that:
Making an app called “Translator” or something which only translates text using Yandex Translate.


Next time dont ask everywhere. Just be patient.


But, you can use Google Translate’s API