I have problem to login in my account

My app need ads for requesting i can’t go the the account section the error while going to the account page is (Bad Request 400) how to solve this error please or solve this error or approve my app my app for ad my app id is - 6210621875945472


I’m having this same error, posted it on a different thread a few days ago

i am still waiting for any response from @KodularCreator

I also having same problem…
Please resolve this…

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Clear cache the browser and try again or try in other browser


Direct URL access might work, can you check?

First, Peter and Boban are community moderators, if you want to know about the geniuses behind :kodular: Kodular see the “Administrators” section at About - Kodular Community

Second, the Kodular team works hard to create, test, debug and retest before launching something. Yes, it can fail, because nothing and nobody is perfect, so be patient and wait for it to be resolved


See here Diego

See if this helps

Btw, how many projects do you have


I have total 20project

How about trying to do that I did

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Sorry I have 68projects

Thanks it worked for me

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Finally, how many projects where you required to remove

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That doesn’t matter actualy
It may load for someone with 15 and for someone with 60, but not for someone with 40

It depends on how fast requests are made

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Thanks all this thread was really helpful for me…
My problem has been resolved
I just removed about 15 of my demo projects and then I checked my account.
It’s working, no More error.

Thanks all.

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