I have submitted the application for monitization

i have submitted the application for monitization. but it has been 2 days but still kodular not showing any status… how to get approved?

do we have to submit an application for monetization?
Are there a step by step guide. Because I thought I’ll add my app in google play and get my admob account approved and thats it.
Should I submit application to kodular too?

You don’t need approval if you are publishing only on the Google Play Store.

You need approval if you are publishing on other stores.


Mean i have to submit to play store first then i will get approved?

0k right i got it… first i need to publish it on playstore.

If you want to publish only to Google Play Store then go ahead and publish, you don’t need approval.

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This question has been answered more than once in the community, I hope that you search for your question first before you ask

thanks for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

and if I’m going to use start.io and not publish to the google play store?
I already submit the request and they do not respond.

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Read that my can helped you :slightly_smiling_face:

Eh sending the request 4 days ago and no response

Wait for weak if it is not response try reordering

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