I have such dynamic problems now.. : )

I have such arduous problems.

How can I increase the size of bottom menu images? ( SOLVED by Post #8 )

Suppose you are in a web viewer. In this web viewer you are getting a form. Now to fill up the form you have to click on the text box. So Is it possible that if anyone click on that Text box and the page will scroll to adjust the view of the web viewer? Means a text box in the web viewer in below, now If anyone clicks on the text box to edit and the Keyboard Comes up then I am not seeing the actual letters what I am typing. So How can I get rid of this problem?

I hope you understand what I am trying to say. <3

Can you show a example ?

In bottom if you add items by blocks then the icons are small. I want such big icons.

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You can create custom bottom menu.

No No, I want to make the icons look bigger.

আমি আইকনগুলিকে আরও বড় দেখাতে চাই৷

I think its not possible in by default bottom menu. coz there are no option to change the size


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YES, But I thought if there any possible extension to do that.

You can try this [FREE/PAID] BottomMenuZ - Create Animated Bottom Navigation Menu Easily!

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Thank You @sugarlesscreator
This will help me a lot. Thank You br0.

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