I have to play sound in my app but aab doesnot load the sound

I have a simple bell ring app on playstore. When I export the apk all sounds work fine. When I convert it to AAB and upload it to playstore and then download the app from playstore the sound does not work. ( Unable to load …)
I read all the discussion on this topic created since 2018 , and found no real solution.
Is there any solution from Kodular team till today ?
I cannot upload apk since I have already published one AAB.
So what should I do ? Need real help

kodular is already compiling AAB, it is not necessary to convert the APK

One workaround is to use the exo player


Getting this error while playing ogg / mp3 file using exoplayer.

can @Taifun player solve the issue ?

Try it and let us know