Unable to play top.mp3 - apk download Google Play - AAB

Yes, is AAB.

There’s already a topic about this problem: Error 701 when installing app from the play store

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I’m reading an open post about it, but I still don’t understand if the problem is the aab format or player sound

It’s definitely aab bug, so I advice you to work with apk until this bug is fixed.

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Thank you !!

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Or you can use ExoPlayer component, because ExoPlayer works with aab.
See: Error 701 when installing app from the play store

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The exoplayer component has bugs with fast sounds. For buttons it’s bad because of that…

I discovered the problem … wav format is bad, we have to use mp3 format

No, which bugs with “fast sound”?

No, I’ve never used MP3, but always OGG - not least because it’s the only (compressed) audio format that is loopable.

Too bad exoplayer, I click the first button and there is no sound, only the second time I click. long songs, no problems.sound up to 500milliseconds, do not work the first time,

@connectapp For workaround ; Adress

exoplayer solved my problem, but created another one. Rapid sounds up to 300ms happen bug. I will stick with the standard player and format in APK that resolved for now

yes, unfortunately, long voices cause problems as I said workaround is your decision

Of course it works also for the first time, see here:

Please explain this in more detail.
What does long voices mean?

Here is a test aia with an additional sound (creek_250ms.ogg → 250 milliseconds):
ExoPlayer_test.aia (115.4 KB)
No issues with ExoPlayer.

Btw, the ExoPlayer is much faster than the MediaPlayer. Why you should prefer the ExoPlayer (like YouTube, and it’s the same with audio files), see here:

I think the kodular.io team will fix this issue in the new update

Which issue?

And again: Which issue with long voices?

PLAYER + .mp3 = Error 701 [ aab format ]

Subject owner stated this issue

We already know that long enough.
I reported the bug myself.

Now for the third time: what issues with long voices?

Sorry, because of the translation you don’t understand what I am writing so wait for the error to appear