Bug: the sound component unable to find source file when published as .aab file on Google Play Store

The sound component unable to play shows an error ( Unable to find the source file ) when we published our app on the google play store as aab. ( )

As per new guidelines after some months we can’t upload apps as APK on Google Play Store.

And we can’t use players more than a limit. So, guys, you have any solution or can you please report to kodular team?

This might help

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Yeah, i read the complete Topic. It suggests using exoplayer but i can’t use exoplayer for a music instrument app because it consists of many sounds and players. When will Kodular fix this bug? Because Google has given the ultimatum for the last date to get an update into aab.

Kodular team is working on that

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Okay, i hope they will solve this big before the deadline :relaxed: :pray:

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@dora_paz If this topic got solved, Please close it.

What do you mean by that? Why shouldn’t you be able to use ExoPlayer?

Bcoz, first the Exo player is not that fast to play immediately when the button press several times as compared to the sound component. For example, if I play drum and press it 20 times for the Exo player it takes time and for the sound components, it will play more smoothly as per my experience.

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See here:

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I had already talked about this problem of exoplayer not being as fast as the sound player, in another post and I was asked about it. And I really see that other users have noticed the same problem. I’m having to make some adaptations that are not good to use the exoplayer nowadays.

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Okay thanks