[Temporarily solved] Error 701 when installing app from the play store

I need to make sure the abb format is intact so that I can change all players to exo.

The problem isn’t that the abb format isn’t working.It’s maybe the abb isn’t working with the player component.

Edt : I tried with exoplayer the result is the same problem most likely unable to connect to mp3 in assets @Mohamed_Tamer

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It looks like a problem with any media player when downloading from play store :thinking:

Cannot import mp3s from assets most likely due to code error while abb file is being processed in store

No, the same thing happens with all audio formats (ogg, m4a, …).
Bug confirmed. @Kodular

The Payer component does not play any audio files from the assets if the app is created / saved as an App Bundle. The ExoPlayer does.

I created an internal test track → Play Developer Console.


Has information about the improvement update been provided?

Yes, but I tried it as an exoplayer. The problem is the same, not only the player but also the exoplayer gave error 701 error.

I have released an app with voice (Player, OGG format) and 3 sounds (all playing at the same time) (ExoPlayer, OGG format, ExoPlayer.Loop) as an app bundle. All OGG files are in the assets.

Result on a Galaxy Note8 (Android 9):

  • Error 701: Unable to load …” with Player component,
  • ExoPlayer works.

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I don’t want to use ogg format .mp3 format is better for me

This is known to be a problem. I guess the developers will release the version 1.4D.2 update.

The question of whether OGG or MP3 is irrelevant for this problem.

I may have misunderstood the translation, so what’s the problem @bodymindpower

As I said:

Please check / fix this. → @Kodular

yes exoplayer plays audio in .ogg format

Now do I change the block making to exoplayer, or should I wait for the error to be fixed by the coders?

No need to change the block structure then there are errors that need to be corrected by the codes @Kodular

The latter because of this:

I was currently replacing player components with the exoplayer but yes if the home button is pressed while playing the exoplayer it continues to play in the background

So, is it possible that the most logical option @Kodular release updates after noticing this error?

Same problem. Just used and uploaded .abb file… Still got ERROR 703… its working fine at .apk but when on the playstore using .abb … show thiz error

I’m updating for those who have just discovered the problem

For solution
1 - Use the Exoplayer component
2 - Audio format .ogg should be used.

According to assets.
Play sounds with the exoplayer

Note: this method is temporary. I think KODULAR.IO team will fix it in new update

Upload apk to playstore instead of aab. It solved this issue for me. Other components have the same issue when uploaded as aab. In trying to reduce file size for users, Google removes some code from aab app which causes these issues.