ExoPlayer stutters / stops after screen turns off or in background

I have built a simple app to play (looping) a sound (loop.ogg, 22 sec) from the assets. But if some devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S8, Note8, Android 9) go to background (pressing the Home button) or I turn the screen of (standby, sleep mode), the sound begins to stutter after about 50-60 sec and later it stops.
ExoPlayer_test.aia (466.8 KB)
This does not happen on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Android 9), OnePlus 6 (Android 10).

We already discussed a similar issue (bug) in the forum, but without any result. Exoplayer about 10 or 15 minutes the application closes when the screen turns off

If this issue (bug) cannot be solved, the ExoPlayer is practically useless.

Can you please answer this question @Kodular :
Is there still a (real) chance / perspective for ExoPlayer in the near future regarding this problem?

If not, that would be the time for the @ExtensionDevelopers to consider whether to create an extension for playing and gapless looping sounds / audio files (without these issues in standby / background).

Almost every music / sound app that works with background music / sounds needs this ability.

The TaifunPlayer extension is working in standby / background and has the ability for seamless looping, but unfortunately gapless looping doesn’t work on some specific Chinese devices (e.g. Xiaomi Note5, OnePlus 6) any more.


DeepHost has a music player extension that I purchased last year. I had stopped working with it because the UI background can’t be changed since it’s fixed in white colour and I wanted to make a dark mode application. However, I can say that it loads online music as fast as ExoPlayer.

Later I will be doing some tests with it.

Yes, thanks, I know, but as far as I can see there is no looping feature.