Web radio app: Exoplayer and Taifun player keep How to keep wifi awake?

I created an online radio app that uses Exoplayer and Taifun player

the reason why I use both players is that
1- The exoplayer is very fast in loading and plating the online stream but it doesn’t stream m3u8 radio broadcasts.

2- Taifun player hangs while loading and playing online streams but it successfully stream m3u8.

I can switch between both player … I don’t have a problem in that …

my actual problem is the after playing 10 or 15 minutes using exoplayer and the screen is off, the player stops and restored only the screen is on ( N.B. the optimized Battery usage is off for this app). and exoplayer doesn’t play m3u8 files.

I think that when screen is off for 10 or 15 mins … the device stops the wifi or it goes to sleep …

is there any way to keep the device awake even the screen is off
or to not make the taifun player hangs during loading or streaming online files …?

Means Use App In Background
Currently Kodular Does’t Support That.

No … not in background… I switch the screen off while the app is running

(Is that mean app in background?)

I don’t know about it Let Other come here.

I thought you want to

I think this is the only solution, try it: Extension to request IGNORE BATTERY OPTIMIZATIONS. Remember: this will not help to run your app in the background!

I already turned off Optimise Battery Usage for this app

An user said that manually doesn’t works, but it works with the extension.
See this:

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Ok thanks, I will give it a try … please wait for my feedback

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It works !!!

Really @Taifun Battery extension solved my problem…

thanks @DevYB


I’m glad to hear that​:blush:, thanks also to @Taifun.


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