I haven't been able to solve this 3 custom dynamic in texts

I have tried to follow this guide for other app and it was supper but tried to change it into this I don’t real then get the solution please help me great koders.

my blocks

I wanted them to look like this

So what was the output? U’ve Showed us your expectations only

Sorry for not showing the output but let me show it down here :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Sorry here was the result with a big error

Please can you help me

Simply change lenght of list to get lenght of list divided by 3


tried but got the same error results
please if you have time help me to fix grid.aia (40.1 KB)

grid_1.aia (40.1 KB)

Didn’t work because you used number instead of id

Oooh I am sorry but it looks not organized how can I fix it again

I believe problem is solved, now for the design part you have to play with settings

yes it is real solved in %99 because I would like if the user clicks the cardview then the color changes to blue or red but thanks this is like solved for %100 :pray:

I create it like this… plz check is like that you want ?

test.aia (316.7 KB)

I have managed to do it in this way

thanks let me check :pray:

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