I lost my project data

The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6255716402724864_Screen1 will not be saved.

i got this error when i open Whats Paint without doing anything
and i lost 50% of blocks of Screen 1

@KodularCreator Please Help !

Can you send me your .aia file?

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Did you happen to use any Wait blocks on your screens? If so hand it to Conor… He a pro!

yes, i do, i replaced the timer to the wait block last week

That’s the reason why, Makeroid removed the Wait block for good because, it was causing the extension error… Just PM Conor and give him your AIA, he’ll fix it!

I hope you have the habit of exporting your projects to your hd also? I always use a date and time stamp so it would be example201807041613.aia at the moment for year, month,day,hour,minutes.