I lost my project

Idk what happened i was deleting useless blocks and then when i reloaded my project this happened. Only for one screen. Around 1000 blocks are missing. Please help me.

I hope you made a backup of your most important projects else you have a problem.

I have a backup but it is not a recent one, I worked a lot after the last backup and you know what i was gonna create a backup just after deleting those blocks.


Maybe you can find some info here.


Luckily found an .aia file i exported 2 days back. Phew!
Thank you for your help @Peter

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right click and copy all blocks to backpack
and delete all blocks

copy blocks from backpack
fixed ← :slight_smile:
my english so bad i hop u understand

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Didnt help, around 1000 blocks are lost

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