The block area has not been loaded correctly. What happened?

I was testing my app through the companion and suddenly a notification appeared that a bug had happened, as it has happened before, I didn’t even care much and pressed F5. But the problem got worse after having updated the screen, my project disappeared all right of 500 blocks “SIMPLY SUMMED” out of nowhere, without any type and explanation, I already restarted the computer, did a cleaning (Advanced System Care) and even so he didn’t come back. Whenever I open my project, a notification appears: “The block area has not been loaded correctly. Changes to blocks for the screen 5400334849540096_Apps will not be saved.”

Well, I don’t know what I do but!

Note: Sorry for my Portuguese, I’m using a translator

Note²: I am not able to order the blocks on the screen where the bug occurred.

Note³: It appeared in my project


in this case let me suggest to restart Kodular next time

it seems to be, your project got corrupted somehow…
import your latest backup and restart from there
see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS



.Broken Project…

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As mentioned earlier, your project is unfortunately broken and if you do not have a backup copy then you are almost screwed.

I won’t lie to you as it is not an easy task to fix it but is doable, how to - only manually by examining the bky and even scm files…


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