I need a little help (dynamic cardview)

hello everyone
i want to add cardview to my app automatically for eg when the value from firebase if 5 then 5 cardviews should be added and when it is 10 then 10 card view should be added. what i want is very much similar to recycleview. if anyone knows how to achieve this then pls tell me.

Currently its not possible.Maybe Kodular will add it in future.

I think it is impossible to this currently.
You can use card view extension.

Yeah by some extension it can be archived for some extend.But it cant be customized much as he is looking for.

Yes there are few differences but we can say Card View Extension is Recycle View of Kodular:grin:
Then now @manishthetechguy you have three options:
1.Use card view extension
2.Make your own extension
3.Forget about that


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