Recyclerview with dynamic card view

I want to apply recyclerview in my app. I have created dynamic card view showing images. Can anyone tell how to make recyclerview in this case?

Which extension do you use (Recyclerview)?

First search on community you will get all answer

He will never get the answer of that. Because he is using Deep host’s recycler view extension(told in PM) and as you know it’s discussion is not allowed.


Yes because of deep host doesn’t provide support for his extension. @Saksham_Aggarwal you can create a custom recycler view with a dynamic component extension

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Yes but how? I’m confused

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Thanks i will try

Is the dynamic interface we made from Dynamic Component Extension and Recycler View is same ??

Obviously not.
Maybe I think @msr79526 don’t know what is the difference between a recycler view and the components that we made at intervals and after fetching the data.


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