How to load data from airtable with recyclerview without using deep host's extension?

I have almost 1000 datas in kodular ,with images ,title and subtitle. How can i load datas one by one by scrolling so that its looks better interface and loading of data will be fast.
I have tried my best using vertical scroll handler but failed? Can anybody help me??

Use Dynamic components extension, search in the community you’ll find the recycler view blocks.

Can you help me in finding please :frowning:
I have searched and found this post: [Custom]How to load data one by one on user scroll from Airtable, Firebase, Mysql - Kodular Community But I didnt understand any logics here. I wanted to load datas in 2*2 . Can you help me please??


As u r new to this platform so first try understanding its blocks and components that have been used in this tutorial then u can use it as u want


just search Dynamic

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Actually, I spent a whole night understanding the blocks but I can’t. so I tried making blocks myself as I know some logic and how it works and thus finally I have done it. Thankyou :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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