I need an advice on how to send a variable from ESP32 to my app via WiFi

After hours and hours of testing and searching the internet i have found nothing that helps my cause.

I have a temperatre sensor attached to my esp32 - > i save the temperature value to a variable called lets say “varTemperature” - > i want to send that value to my app so i can display it somewhere ( and make a graph actually ).
To do so, i wanted to send it via BT, but in addition to my esp32 im going to use esp32-cam and stream it to my app via WiFi so in my understanding its better to use WiFi if its going to be used anyway right? Using only WiFi is going to consume less power than using WiFi and BT at the same time.

I read many topics on WiFi clients, servers, tcp and other stuff and right now im just too confused to understand what exactly is the thing that im looking for.

If there would be a way to send data via WiFi like bluetooth does (8 bits at a time) along with camera feed it would be perfect.

Thank you all in advance.

https://youtu.be/3RPJtL2rnXc it may help you…

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Thank you so much!

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