I need app help to request quotes

How could you make an app that can be used to request quotes, that the user write a text detailing what they want and send it. but without using whatsapp or sms? can you somehow do that?

Create a form on app and connect it with your database. That’s it. :+1:

I had thought that, but I was looking for someone to help me find how to work with a database that I never did, thanks

You can follow this video (Audio Lang : Hindi)

Thank you, I will try the language makes it difficult for me, but still thank you very much

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Please, only videos in english are allowed !!!

I didn’t find one in English.

You’re free to flag that reply.

I don’t need flag any post !!!
If you don’t found a video on english languaje, you can send PM to member with video link …

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Use Google forms.
Show it in Webview or Chrome Custom Tab.