I need clarification about the permission system used in Kodular

Dear all,
I’m trying to better comprehend the permissions system used in Kodular. One thing that I don’t understand is that in the release notes of Kodular Draco 1.3.0 we can read:

Updated runtime permission system
It will now prompt for permissions when required, and not on start

I would therefore expect requests for permissions to be made by method and not by component/function used, but this does not happen. Or rather, by my tests, it happens only in part.

If I use components such as File or Sharing, the permission request for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE occurs at application startup, even if my application does not use any of the functions/properties/methods/etc. of mentioned components (I can also manage permission later with the Ask for Permission function).

On the contrary, using Device_Tools for example, the request for READ_PHONE_STATE permission is not requested when the app is started. As above I can always manage permissions later in automatic way or using Ask for Permission function.

Is there a technical reason for this difference in the management of the request for permissions when starting the app using different components? Am I misinterpreting how permissions work in Kodular?


Because these permissions are used in many ways.
And this permission is always requested after app start.
Its no bug

Never thought it was a bug :slight_smile:
So it’s a technical matter. I guess it’s because of the close integration between all the components of Kodular.
Thank you for your answer.