I need help, my app is bigger than 25mb

Good morning, I need help, I would like to know if here in kodular there are ways to compile the app above 25mb as there is in the app inventor, it is for a schoolwork and I am desperate.

I don’t think that create app above 25 mb is possible

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yes, the same ways which are possible for App Inventor are possible for Kodular, too…

How to overcome the project limit


Of course, that is possible.

Stepps to build an APK > 20 and < 100 MB (Play Store limit):

  1. remove some big files (png, jpg, mp3) from the assets (< 20 MB! /
    better < 5 MB)
  2. build APK
  3. decompile APK
  4. reinsert the missing files to the assets
  5. recompile your app
  6. sign APK

If you kown how it works, it takes about 1 min.


You are awesome. I think you have a lot of experience with these kind of stuff.

You can create app with 25 mb size with kodular too, staff may help you in this but before that make sure if you can reduce it as small size as possible, you may share app screenshot shots and working to get ideas

How to do from step 3-6?

one way is described here (the red part) App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Package name | Pura Vida Apps

How to decompile the apk and how to sign it
Can u give me some tutorials

She posted a tutorial on #guides. Please search the community first.

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