I need pro extension developer? please

i need pro extension developer

For Wht :upside_down_face:

tell the extension you neeD?

i need in app pdf viewer extension like google drive

you can use webviewer for simplicity

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I think there were already some extensions to view pdf in-app.
Taifun pdf Viewer: App Inventor Extensions: Pdf | Pura Vida Apps

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no features like scroll, page count , bookmarks and night mode etc

The best thing you can do (with Android) is to convert PDF to images.
After that it will depend completely on that how you want to display the images.

suppose i have 4000 pages then how to convert this into image?

Convert it in background thread/asynchronously.

but i want scroll vertically .how do that

You can do it easily if you know Html and Js.


the task of a pdf viewer extension is to open a pdf and render a pageā€¦
everything else you can add yourself using other componentsā€¦ or some html or JavaScript if required


If scripts are to be involved, why not give a try to php, 3 lines of code with a web view can do the work too :blush:

For that he need a hosting. Right?

Am not sure if we can run php codes with default component just like js and html + css

But if it supports php then it might be possible caise we will be able to supply path of the pdf to the codeā€¦

It is possible but quite difficult to run php on android as PHP is a server side language.