I Need WebView Extension Source Code

Hi Kodular Community,
Can You Provide Me the Source Code Of Webview Extension Please? As I Am Willing To learn Kodular Extension Development.
And Please try to suggest me More Extensions Source Code.

Thank You Kodular Community.

Welcome. You have a reading time for less then a minute at the moment. What did you search yourself.

All App Inventor sourcecode is here

If you search with Google you can find some examples in making extensions. For example:


Hi Peter,
Can you provide me the source code of webview extension only.
Thank you for responding.

Check this as peter said you can find while code here(it is webviewer.java link)

You can found the webview source code in the MIT app Inventor source code.

And tell me About the web component also please and share the link Also.

Thank You!

I think you have some problem in browsing for yourself.
A little amount of common sense is required to find out the desired components’ source code if you follow the above replies by other members.

Here you can see all the components’ source code of AppInventor: