I need your help screen problem

Am In trouble, please Kodular staff, procoder please I have been working on a project for the past 3 weeks now, the project has been going smoothly. As I was developing my internet connection was not going so I decided to resolve the problem, Soo the problem was resolved. So I started working and it came to a point I decided to refresh my project, on my home screen I discovered that all my work is gone all component except one component that was left on my screen I also checked the blocks I also saw few blocks. Then I refreshed the page twice I still got the same result. Please I need your help, I want my screen back.

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Show pics please. How should we help you if we don’t know anything??



Alright I’ll show

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Did you save before refreshing? (although i think it would auto save when sth in the project change)
Also, are you in the right screen?

This is the screen

Please reply.
Also, can you show blocks as well?

Yes I saved

Is there a reason why you didn’t back up your projects regularly?

Backup how?, Once I create my project I always save regularly as I develop

Backing up means exporting your saved aia file to your computer, the cloud etc.

This is common sense practice so that if things go wrong you have your latest saved file available or if you lose any work while you are actively koding (eg due to power outage) only the latest set of actions you took are lost.

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I removed your post with your photo. This is not visible. Just use this guide to make an image of your blocks.

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I didn’t export my AIA file

I understand how to post photo, it’s just that by laptop is running low and I have to reply to the questions asked.

Please can this issue be solved?

Yes if you provide more information like blocks
or else no one can answer you

How are we supposed to retrieve your project if you didn’t save it?


What does this has to do with the fact that you have to provide a image that users can read instead of a photo?


I have provided but flagged I had to do such picture just to answer the question asked.

I saved my project

You didn’t. What I asked is the block section but not the designer part.


Good, now import your aia to Kodular