I pay $ 5 to help me connect my AIA with my Firebase Database.

Good morning, I can not connect my AIA file with my “firebase” database. I will pay 5 dollars to solve.

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This guide might be useful for you to try making it your self, it isn’t really hard :wink::


Post your blocks and we can help you.
But if you want someone to do it to you you have to send the .aia
I can do it for you, just send it dm, but this is not complicated, you can do it yourself with some helpe for free

I can do it

I can do it for free, if you want :slight_smile:

Show Your aia File or PM The Aia File Please

I will Do it For Free

Best Way Do it Yourself it Isn’t That Tough Search In Google For “Firebase Kodular” You Will See Community Posts and videos Check It

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welcome to community they will help you try to do it yourself for future comfort