I think my Kodular creator account was hacked

Hello, Everyone

I can’t tell surely but I think my creator account was hacked, I am saying because in my account there I see that an project is created which I never created.

Although, there are no changes in my earlier projects they are same as I left before. But, there is one project which I am sure I never created but it is there. I don’t what happened even it can be a glitch.

I am writing because I don’t what is happened to my account, It can be a risk to me so, I thought better to inform Kodular staffs. I request Kodular please look on my matter.

Thank You.

Can you please share the name of the suspicious project?

Sure, @Vishwas

It is AmazingLavenderJunglefowl. By the name you can understand it’s a very weird name… I mean who can think such name for an app.

Thank You.

Perhaps you visited apps.new in the recent past? You might want to check this out: Introducing apps.new!

Your account hasn’t been compromised :smile:


Yes, I went there but what is a connection between that with this @Vishwas

Can, You Explain.

Thank You.

apps.new creates a new project with a random name. The name is of the form adjective + colour + animal. The domain is a shortcut to start a new project


Well in that case I can be stress free. But, I will be little more secure with my account for few days.

Anyway, thank you @Vishwas for solving my issue.

Also, when someone logs into your account you will get an email.