Hi Koders!

Today we proudly announce to you a brand new feature,! :tada:

With this new domain, you will be able to create a blank, new Kodular project from scratch without having to set it up yourself.
Want to test or debug a component you are still learning to use? Want to experiment with the new extension you found for your project? Simply type β€œ” in your browser and a blank project will automatically open for you! :globe_with_meridians:

The .new domain extension is exclusively designed for performing new actions online, in our case creating a new project. Managed by Google, it is one of the most premium domain names we could get! :muscle: today joins the family of and domains that trigger an action and take you to new content.

What are you waiting for? Keep creating projects for free with Kodular by going to!

:warning: You may need to force reload the page/clear cache to update to the new version of Kodular.

Happy Koding! :kodular:
@Kodular Staff