I wanna give a recommendation to kodular

It is about having to eliminate users who only create applications for fun and never publish their application to the store, just like that they only give 30 days since they register to upload an application otherwise you are banned and gave good results because of that way the servers don’t collapse. It is only a recommendation.

Well then they would have to remove me, although i publish sometimes to Google Play.

I make applications for fun and only for fun. I don’t want to earn.

I am 100% sure we will not follow your recommendation.


Kodular is for learning and if anyone learn how to make app its not compalsion to publish the app.


I’ve been in this platform for more than 2 years and still haven’t published a single app to Playstore. All this time I’ve been experimenting with various projects while trying to learn new things. I only want to publish apps that are complete and useful. Apps that people will want to use because they find them helpful, so I don’t see a reason why anyone should be forced to publish an app to Playstore if they don’t feel like doing it.


i can understand a little (for ads you must need to publish app or ask kodular to approve your ads). making a good app is a challenge and for real developers its like a real challenge to take an app to that level which is good enough to be published. (mean while in last 3 years i have created lots of apps, they get rejected i fixed them again and again until i learn to make them acceptable for playstore and also our 3 playstore account get banned, but we are still taking it fun+serious. still learning more,


Hi @baxer_cat_ltd
As you may have noticed from the comments, neither the Community nor we are very keen on banning users who do not publish their apps.
That said, I appreciate your input and thank you for taking time to provide us feedback.

The upcoming release will resolve any server issues we may currently have, meaning there’ll be little need to filter users.


Then you would need to remove me since the app I’m developing using Kodular is not on my google play page and is instead sideloaded and updated through the company cloud storage. My app is being used daily by about 27 devices only, but if I was “banned” then my job would suffer.


10 weeks later… :sweat_smile:

But that wait is worth it, I assure #Koders :kodular: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :speak_no_evil:

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