I Want Developers to create 10 apps

Hi friends, we are from aiacart and I want to create 10 apps.

  • Offline Video Player like mx player
  • Offline music player
  • Dynamic Radio app
  • Notes app with brush and canvas
  • news app with admin panel
  • Dynamic pdf app
  • youtube app like technical guruji
  • Yoga app
  • image to text app
  • Dynamic whatsapp group app with grid view categories

pay per app: 1200 Rupiees

Contact Number:

Visit our site: aiafileforthunkable.com

Only for India

So YOU want to make them but not really?

I deleted your number. Dont post personal info here. Users can pm you for info or your number.


Lol… people here are not stupids to create you an app for just $6… :joy:


And he make 100 pf dollar in a year with the admob soam ads which he will implement. i hope nobody is so stupid and do that


Just one aia is enough for such ppl to make a lot of money… they will make multiple apps by just changing the UI & name… and they can even sell the .aia by advertising them in their youtube videos :sweat_smile:
It’s understandable when a developer does that, coz he/she must have put a lot of effort in it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why must you give him/her AIA? Why not restrict it so you only give the APK.


He wants those apps for his website : aiafileforthunkable.com so you must give him the AIA file !!

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nobody will do that because each person know that he pay 6 dollar and he make hundreds of dollar with that because he sell it he make apk with ads and with youtube videos.Why should anyone do that for only 6 dollar. ?

Please explain me that.


Yes i agree with you if you are selling aia or apk then do it yourself or pay atleast 30-40$ per app so anyone try.


I have seen half of the applications that you have requested on youtube file aia free you should search on youtube​:+1:


DOnt tell him that, now he will tak all what he find from other people and sell it as it is his ones.


I can message me PM

I am sure you meant that HE can send you a PM

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I know this topic is a year inactive, but I agree with users above. You are paying less than $5.30 for an app and you are selling each copy for around $2-3. I can’t believe how much copies you sell. I don’t think you know how to name a fair price.


Also, I would go a bit further:I don’t think this selling method is a fair one. You just rob your users.
:thinking: :no_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face:


For your information we paid developer between 800rs to 2000rs according to app and for your kind information we make only 5000rs in a month and also we developed 3 apps in a month

Still not much

Yup. see:


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I am taking to much efforts to make my website and want 3 hours to add a post