I want help in Pubg tournement app!

Hello everyone,
I want to make an Pubg tournement hosting app and I’ve some aia files and I’ve imported in project .but theres two files one as aia file and another as admin aia. How to use both of it ? And how should i control matches from Admin?
And my app is not working properly, I’m not able to figure it out. Can anyone help me ?
I want to make some changes also in that and blocks also ?
Please anyone help me ? :pray:

admin.aia and mainapp.aia both are different and connected with database to each other if you change something admin it store in database and then show in main app you can first import mainapp.aia and then admin.aia and setup your own database.

Did you ask the creator of these AIA for help?

Do you want to hire a programmer?

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Yep but seems like he don’t reply…
I couldn’t afford to hire anyone.
If any Help that would be good for me :cat:

How to set-up both ? I use firebase

It seems you lag the basic knowledge of Kodular. Maybe start with some tutorials before you try what you are doing. Using aia’s from someone is sometimes a bad idea if you don’t know what you are doing.




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