I want to browse all customer details in screen

Hello every one
I have a screen to add the customer details in
name, phone number, email …etc
the data that enterd store in firebase
for now no problem
but i create screen to browse the customers detailes but not show me only names (project bucket)
I want to know how i can to browse all details

I am very biggener
thank you

what is your firebase struture? have you searc in community?

no coding paltofrm doesnot you to be an expert in this field… this is just a logical sequance thats all

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thank you very much to every time you support and help
can you help me with this?

Yes I can… but i need demo aia to fix your prob

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PS2 (1).aia (2.0 MB)
brows-customer screen

test this

PS2(1).aia (2.0 MB)

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It doesn’t work
only names appears

all names first displays in the listview…

On picking any name from the list view it will show the user details

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very good idea but i want to show all user details as table and i will add botton to edit details or delete anyone

name, phn num, email and all as table?

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yes please
and delete my list view
and i will add botton to edit details or delete anyone

Like this??

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this is very good

PS2(2).aia (2.0 MB)

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thank you very much
you are the best
can you put the table view extension please?
and how Ican add colums and pring the data on it from firebase and if you can explain this

First i get data from firebase as json mode, then in aglobal variable i saved the each user name details as CSV row table text (by using comma and \n used as row delimiter)

Like this you can add any number of rows(using the delimiter \n) or column (using the comma ,)

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