I want to call next image from next row of airtable suggest me ways

My image picture is from start value and i want to change it by swiping using colintreeslideshow extension . So how can i update row number of airtable spreadsheet . So that when user swipes then he gets new image from next row of airtable . And when the user swipes backside then he get previous images . See the blocks and suggest me ways .

Send row number also on start value… [by making list]
When swiped right set spreadsheet row number to get start value number + 1 and get value set it as image when swiped left get value from spreadsheet by setting row number get value - 1

Can u show me the blocks . I had tried what u said but it didn’t worked . Please show me blocks if possible .

Okay… I’m making example block for you…
I’ll edit this post and add block image… Keep following

Thanks sir

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I think it should be “False”

Oh yeah you re right it’s minor mistake thanks for helping

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