I want to copy a designed component


Hey there!
I have made a table like stuff using card view component and a lot of arrangements. Now I have to do the same thing for 4 more times on the same screen. Is it possible to copy the components in the exact order?

I have given some illustrations below. Please reply ASAP.

I am made something like this:

And, I want something like this:

Hello @gameshub2018
check this video its help you



@gameshub2018 can your problem will be solve

@nikhilbobade27 @KodularCreator
This works, but I am not being able to use the blocks for these components. Please help!

Means I can’t understand

Did you change the names of all these new components as you copied


Yes I did change all the names. It is properly showing in the Designer and companion. But the blocks for those copied components are not coming in BLOCKS Section.

Do you want the aia file? (edited)

It’s the only way for me to see what’s happening, so Yes


GG (1).aia (1.2 MB)

This is the aia file.

Components within Card View 2, 3, 4, and 5 don’t have blocks

Something went wrong when you copied them and renamed them

I just renamed it and now it appears however, you must do it for each component


Okay thanks. But can you tell me what went wrong so that I can work on this. Or if possible, please make necessary changes and send me the aia. I am very grateful to you.
Thanks again

Sorry that’s time consuming, since I have never done this thereof I have no idea where to begin either


Please tell me what you did to show up this blocks?



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Ok thanks a lot. I am trying the same


@Boban @nikhilbobade27 @Deepanshu_Arya
This does not work. Changing the names brings a whole lot of other problems. Other fixes are required. Please help

Such as, can you specify what.


It introduces many other problems, like, I am clicking on component slider 1, but the blocks are showing for slider 2.

Edit: Present aia
GG (2).aia (1.2 MB)

Kodular does not offer a feature such as Copy layouts or designs, so the chance of causing issues is high and I would not recommend doing that.

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Try this one GGtestC1.aia (1.2 MB)



Thanks this works. I am very grateful to you as you spend so much of your precious time to help me … Thanks a lot @Boban