I Want to increase UI level?

hey i am trying to create a story app where i have to write some stories for my app.
But i don’t want to use label because it decrease UI.

If there any other components like Label component.
Then Please reply.

Actually , I am creating dynamic labels. where i have to put text in blocks. But the problem is that i unable to use Enter Key.

So, please help

what is the problem with lable component


i am unable to use Enter key

then type it some where else and past it in blocks

i am already doing

Is there Any option to Start another line

also you can use textbox to do so and set lable text to textbox text

you can use \n or<\br> to do so but have to enable html text


thanks it’s working :thumbsup:

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One More Question
do you have any Font Typeface or .ttf file.
which is good looking

you can easyly get here


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