I want to list file in m3u format

I want to list file in m3u format.After listing, how can I click and the video will open?

This extension works with m3u8 format . This is what you are looking for ?

i don’t know if this lists m3u,does it list

What you mean for lists? You want to create a playlist? You have to add the items in a variable initialized as empty list. Now you can select an item ad pass the link to the player , you have to decide your graphics and how to show and select item

There are many TVs in the connection

So you want to create a playlist of TV ? And after click you want to show video ?

To do this you need :

  1. A variable set as list, you have to save link in this variable or the name of the file you want to show
  2. Upload the link or the name in a listview or image or button to introduce a click event
  3. On click set the file or the link to the player

It’s right?

i gave up on the project this app took care of everything

:sweat_smile: Easy way

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