I want to make an offline translated book

Hello great coders. I don’t know if it has been answered before. Beacause I didn’t understood what to search for. I want to create an translated book app where the translation of every line will be separated with the line. The book with the translation are in xml format.
Sorry for my English is bad. I want to make something like this picture.

As a book got thousand of sentences. It is nearly impossible for me to create separet arrangements on my own.
Is there any way that the sentences as well the translation of every sentence will be optained from the xml file and be arranged in a way automatically.
Thanks in advance.

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Please someone reply.
If it’s not possible then I’d to come with any other idea.
So please somebody tell if it’s possible or not.

Please be patient. Someone will help you if they can. :shushing_face:


To be fair he did originally ask 6 days ago. Personally I think if you haven’t received an answer after 3 days then you can bump your topic. That’s what I’m planning to do with a topic I created and haven’t had an answer for.

Try using the Dynamic components.

Maybe this can help


Using Json, this is possible :slight_smile: it does not need internet, the bad thing is that you will have to create your own database within the Json with the possible translations.

I know everybody is so much busy in answering these thousand of questions across the community. Thats why I waited 6days for someone to reply.

Can you specify how? I’m not asking any blocks. Just please make it a little more specific.

Thanks for the suggestion. Although I’ve read that guide 4 days ago. But couldn’t understand how can I make those thousands of arrangements like provided in the screenshot. Sorry if I’m asking excessively.

I have an xml file for the translation with every sentence translation separately. I may also make a Json file though I don’t know Json well. But how can I make the app to show book content also the translation as like the given screenshot?
Do i need to drag these thousands of labels and arrangements?

Again sorry for my bad English.

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