I want to make search option

I want to make search option for “PART NO” I can not understand how I do it. I searched that in YouTube and kodular community but can not find answer. please help me. I am beginner for kodular.

Welcome to the community. I see you are using Kodular’s dynamic components and not dynamic components extension. In this case maybe this post might help you


I read that post before. But it not helps to create search option to me. Please if I post aia can you help me. I Stuck for long time to find search option.

Pls show your search option block , if you have tried

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i tried so many times and when i goes wrong removed search block. but i save aia as copy. here it is.

see here itself logic is breaking, actually what does it hold?

if it is a list, then use length of the get PART NO,
if it is a number then in the initialise variable add maths block zero instead of create empty list

Sorry for that. I’m still Learning how to create correctly with YouTube videos & kodular community post. I will try Fix that.

dora_paz Thank you So much for your help. Now I know how to do it correctly.

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