I want to make video player app

I want to make video palyer app but I don’t how to make any one can help me

If possible with screenshots

You can use a video player component along with some simple blocks

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How to do it

You need to drag a video player component into your preview and you can take a video picker as well. I’ll give you a more detailed guide in some time

Thank you very much

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These may help you

You’re welcome

YouTube has a tutorial to make a video player app so I guess I don’t need to write a guide!

I hope it helps you

                thanks            😊😊😊😊

Yes of course thankyou very much for help

I’m did it like this but it say erro

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Yes, it shows and error message : Unable to load… something like this.

There is a bug in Kodular’s Video Player Component. You can neither play videos from app assets nor from your device’s local storage.

Nice BUG :bug:.

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Yes what can we do

Wait for the next update, this may be caused due to storage permissions related issues.

Okkk friend