Video Player not working with mp4 url

I get the following error when I try to use the video player with an URL to an mp4 file:

Please can you check if this is a bug?

Try it as apk.
Does it there works?

I get also an Runtime Error…

Please share here your apk.
Then i can look tomorrow what the log me tells.

in general this is only assigning an mp4 url as source…

trial.apk (2.7 MB)

It is working when I upload a video file and use it w\o url…
The same setup can working on MIT App inventor…
Thanks and BR

I will check it tomorrow or if anybody else can run logcat and share it here i know more about the problem.

I try later some things.
Maybe we have to use a other code for online stored videos.

Can you load and show the video from url with app inventor?
Or does it work only with app inventor when the video is stored as asset?

Yes… it is also working with url using App Inventor…

I have changed now something on the code for the video player.
The apk below should work for you too:

Video Test App.apk (2,3 MB)

This is how i have set the blocks as example:

If this is working for you (the test apk)
then it will be available for you in our next update.

Yes… works fine…
By when is the next release planned?
Danke und GruĂź

I dont know.
Maybe in some days.
We have to work first on new things/ changes some old things and fix some known bugs/ issues.

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i have also same problem with video player , its shows black screeen !

see here: How to Play Ofline Videos