I want to send SMS directly

please, I need to SMS directly from the app by as shown above in the image.

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Welcom. But please specify a bit, we are no wizards and you will have to work yourself to get your things to work.


Sms is a subscription facility which costs money to send sms for otp or other information purposes.

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I think google play do not accept auto-sms anymore. if you want to publish your app

If you want to authenticate user with their mobile number then use Firebase Authentication Component

As you can see you get a lot of responses but it is still not clear what you want to do. Like @agc_softwares said Google nearly never allows apps that send an sms directly instead of via you standard call and text app on your phone.

These blocks let you use the standard apps on your phone

If you still want your app to sms directly you can not post it to Google Play.

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Thanks for all who want to help me;
I need to send SMS after I click on specific button without I go to the device message App.

The block you showed is from App Inventor. Kodular does not have that block at the moment.

I don’t understand

block, and why you made list 2 time