Texting, send an sms but it must not appear in the 'SMS sent list' of the phone

I’m creating an app that send an SMS via TEXTING. So that when I press a button this sms is sent to a Phone Number… But:

If I go to view, On my phone, the sms message list, the message I send with the app appear.
How can I send an SMS with my app so that this SMS Must not appear in my sms sent list?

Tanks to all :slight_smile:

Then you need to use API key bought from any SMS service provider

Tanks for the reply. But I don’t understand. I need the API KEY from my service provider? How can I do It? Or there is another way?

Read here

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@crodino_roccioso , try the above post by @luv.ak.tech simplified your needs. Try it

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Tanks for your suggest. I’ll read it today and I’ll try. So that I’ll let you Know about it.
Thanks, for now.

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sorry for my ignorance, but this extension can also be used in Italy?

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sorry i dont know i tried to read in website but i think there is not specifically written
can you just try it yourself?

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Hi, thank you for the extension. As soon as I can I try it now and I’ll let you know.
For now thanks to everyone :slight_smile:

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hi, I tried to use the Bulk SMS and com.AK_Tech.DirectSMS extension with 2 buttons in my app.
but none managed to send a text message. I post 2 images for the 2 buttons. Did I use the extensions correctly?

can you try adding your country code in first like +91

hi, no, nothing. even putting the country code, nothing happens.

did you add all the details the password , username and all

No, I didn’t it. Where do I do it? I was looking for documentation on the use but I didn’t find anything …

you need to generate it from website and add those in the properties also use the error event to understand what happened

hello, I have not added them to the website as it is necessary to pay but above all because the site does not cover Italy (my country).
Furthermore, it is not said if the messages sent remain in the sms list of the smartphone (which I must avoid).
Thank you :slight_smile:

I forgot: or is there a way to delete a message just sent from the sms list?
Thank you :slight_smile:

hello, sorry but I think I expressed myself badly. I did not mean that I do not want to pay anyone anything but simply that at the moment I do not need it. this is because I am preparing an app that must rely on the provider present in the smartphone.
that’s all, thanks :slight_smile:

I would like to thank everyone for their help. I consider the topic resolved. Just one thing: why as soon as I wrote that I can’t / want to pay for the service (which I don’t need) no one has answered me anymore.

Thanks anyway to everyone :slight_smile: