I want to show ads ago. after her want to open new page

I want to show ads ago. after her want to open new page…
I’m try but not working

So please help any body

Why dont you show ads 1.000.000 times?..


Bro too many ads :astonished::money_mouth_face::weary::flushed::dizzy_face::rage:

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too many ads :scream::scream::scream::scream:

he need money for chistmas presents i think, and this is only the first screen wait on the second screeen
maybe he run this app with different emulaors to generate clicks and he is sitting with 5 phones and click on his own banners in his own app. Hhahah thats great each click a ad. Bybybe developer acccount. I see the question the next weeek.Why is my google account deleted. How can i unlock myaccount i cannot show ads without my account: hahaha crazy


Solved or not I have solution

I think you forgot to put “load ad” event after showing every ad.

Note : Placing ads in every click may cause irritation for your users while using the app. So, place ads on a organised way such that you could get maximum earnings.

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I’m remove some ads…
Please visit Back Press Show Interstitial Ads. This Is Big Problem