How to show ads in every 20 button click

Any one can help me plz

I had made an app in which many buttons are there

I want to show ad in every 20 button click

After that when 21 button click it will start counting from starting

If any one knows then plz help me

Thats called an earning app and not allowed by kodular and google.


That’s not an earning app bro

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Now tell is this is an earning app

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Will ad will be shown in every 10 clicks

Not working bro I put this block in procedure and call procedure in every button only once in a 10 clicks ad is showing after that ad is not showing

Try it, it should consider clicking any button

try this is simple

But then he will have to do this for all the buttons

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Yes I used this block but only one time ad is showing

Yes I have done with all my buttons but still not working only one time is ad showing

your number is big thats why sometimes ad not show due to ad request .

now do this

test mode on and try with small number like 4 then try it will work .

Ok I m trying

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