Ads in a specified place

How to do ads in a video player app kodular that should not be as an banner ad and not a full screen ad
for an example lets look YOUTUBE
it should look like this

I want to show ads in my app like in this screenshots

is there any extensions?

I don’t think it is possible in kodular. But I just said of my experience. Someone more experienced might help you in this


Waited i think so that is not possible

The one way I can think of is overlaying the ad video over the original video content. For an example, when video plays for 10 seconds, overlay another video player containing ad over the original content player.

To do this, you’ve to have the ad video/url so you can play it at the right position.

First play the ads video by url than after video complete than change the video URL to main video than play again.

And left is based on your logic like skip ads , full ads etc.

While the ad url pop up, and skip button visible as default then no issue. I have not used ads, so experience with that. But,
As he said first play video url once video starts by using floating button along with clock component you can try. I mean video plays set clock to timer and show the timer in button text

So if user clicks the button just change ad url to video url

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