I want to use an old keystore

How do I use an my old keystore
Because when I lift the key I get something’s not right
When I change by keystore explore :
Default Keystore Password - android
Default Keystore Alias - androidkey
Default Key Password - android
To the value of the old key, an error message appears
something’s not right
please give solution

  1. What is the name of the keystore?
  2. From where does that keystore come from?

My first app was created by android studio and I created my old keystore file using cmd.

Now I create an app by kodular to upload update to play store, but google play store is asking me same old keystore
I want a way to change the default kodular keystore using my old keystore.
or any way I can change the value of the kodular keystore to my old keystore

This will never going to be possible.

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