I want you to try my app and say what you think of it

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

A simple app for barcode and qr code and voice and image search
It’s a good time to get


App Store/Download link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clshec.search

Sorry for my bad English.

AIA file (Optional)

Very Nice App


Thank you, my friend Did you try it?

Sorry to say, there is no use of this application, don’t get offended.
Why can’t one just search directly on google itself?
And most of the phones now have in built QR code scanner too, so no use of that as well.
The User Interface is also not user friendly. It is basically web viewer with no added advantage.
And don’t get me wrong but I doubt that you will not receive ads on your app due to low content quality.


Agreed. Google Iens does everything too. Don’t get it wrong, still a nice app


I think you are new here in apps development. Read Play Store Policies before publishing your apps.

Its just a web viewer app with 3rd party sites.

I suggest you to unpublish it as soon as possible otherwise it will get suspended.

When i was new in app development and i dont know Play Store policies at that time and made same mistakes.

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Thank you, that’s my first application, so what Makes me learn from you and your experience.

Web viewer apps with sites which you dont own can not be published on play store without written permission from the site owners.

I’ll add another privacy policy.

really very bad UI :pensive:


Unfortunately, I tried to make it like this.

But it was worse.

How can I create a beautiful ui experience

There are many useful topics in our community. Look at them:


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