If click button backgorund color change?

if click I want the button background color to change. If I click another button, it should return to the original. can i do this?


This block will be convenient.

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I know you will laugh. I’m doing it wrong yes but will it show me once? whichever button is clicked has a red background. if another button is clicked, it returns to the original.I’m so new sorry.

The effect wave in the beautiful picture but the app is broken when added. they got into each other and when I clicked the other button, it did not return to the previous button.

Read here,

I tried the 2 blocks that were made but failed. Can you help?

Let the background color of all the buttons I click be red, that’s all. is it really that hard?

Show us what have you tried… above suggested method will work like charm.

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click after background red. if other button click before button back original colors…
ı have 2 questions

  1. background color 2.stop sound (with the same button)


1-click sound button play. no problem. but again click aame button stop doesnt work ı want stop.
2-button click after change bakcgorund color again click back original color.

Now asked you one more thing about sound. could you please

You can use method 2 of the suggested link, because first method have only one button.

Try this


Man, I think I failed again. I sent you a video. In short, when you press a button, the background color of the other button has changed. Also when I clicked another button it didn’t revert to the original background color of the previous button.


Video 2021-09-09 at 12.53.19(upload://q8SbPfRJfzQ2DO4Q9DwOz7sp5ffYZU2v.p)

ı want only with playing rhythm color background. other button original background color.

Error is caused because you use index2 instead of component in last block. Change it and it will work


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Before I read your last message, I will say something. index posts became index2. Why did this happen? I do not know. My other problem is I want to get rid of screen3 and throw everything to screen1.

index 1 disappeared. :frowning:

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Thank you very much, my problem has been solved

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