I'm confused about storing multiple values in tinydb. could you guys help me?

I want to store the value of a variable (say ‘global level’ ) in tinydb. And when the variable changes its value from ‘global level’ to ‘global level+1’ the new value should also be stored there (I mean when the value is changed to ‘global level+1’ I dont want the previous value (global level) to be deleted from the database). This process should continue.
And when my database has more than 1 values, I want it do certain actions.
Suppose if one of the values stored in it is ‘2’ I want to call some action. And if the tinydb also has a value ‘3’ in it then i have to call another action too. Like checking if tinydb has certain values in it and performing one or more actions accordingly. How do I do that ?

I think you want to store data in list by intialing global level list as empty list,then using add items in list add item in this list and call yinydb to store data as tag global level and value as global level list.
The second you do that in store global level as tag and value do join get value tag “global level” then “,” then new value. You get result 1,2,3…so on
If you want to convert this in list for remove or edit option you want to use list from csv row block and do process.